Study: 58% of shoppers say deal days like Black Friday don’t matter

Consumers are less annoyed with holiday merchandise alongside Halloween goods, according to a new survey.

The Christmas creep is not your cousin Eddie in a too-tight Rudolph sweater with an eggnog mustache.

Christmas creep refers to holiday-related sales and products appearing earlier each year online and in stores. Several retailers, such as Sam’s Club, The Bon-Ton Stores Inc. (No. 169 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide) and Target Corp. (No. 22), are rolling out Black Friday deals before Thanksgiving, even though Black Friday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving.


Double Award Win for RichRelevance and Shop Direct at the Retail Systems Awards 2016

Last night RichRelevance and Shop Direct were crowned as leaders at The Retail Systems Awards at the Millennium Hotel, in Mayfair, London.

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Global Consumer Attitudes Towards In-Store Technology

RichRelevance research unveils consumer attitudes towards in-store technology are markedly similar across America, Britain and Europe, except when it comes to facial recognition.

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Most retailers would benefit from staying closed on Thanksgiving Day

Over the years, consumers seem to have grown used to the Thanksgiving Day openings, even if they still have a distaste for the practice. More than half (55%) of Americans surveyed by RichRelevance, a tech company that services more than 200 retailers, said they are “annoyed” or “very annoyed” when stores stay open on Thanksgiving, down from 65% in 2014.

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Decoding Your Recommendations Performance

Product recommendations, also known as “recs,” are a cornerstone to an effective ecommerce merchandising strategy. When fully optimized, recs typically increase retailer revenues by up to 5%.

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The Six Biggest Consumer Frustrations with Ecommerce Site Search

Many eCommerce sites are actually deterring customers through poor experiences. RichRelevance has surveyed consumers about their attitudes to site search on retailers’ websites, finding that some retailers have room for improvement.

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