RichRelevance Unveils New Personalization Product Enhancements for Retailers

Company also announces appointment of Jake Bailey as Vice President for Product Marketing and Solutions

San Francisco, CA – Nov. 14, 2012 –– RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic personalization for the world’s largest retailers, today announced enhancements to the enRICH Personalization Platform to better equip retailers with tools and technologies to boost sales and conversion rates, deliver relevant promotions and build loyalty through a better site experience. The updated offering will now offer customers improved functionality in testing and analytics. The enhancements are immediately available to all RichRelevance clients at no additional charge as part of the company’s ongoing quarterly release cycle that brings the cutting edge of personalization to retailers around the globe.

“The RichRelevance product roadmap is driven by what our clients tell us they need to succeed,” said David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance.  “These enhancements to our product suite reflect our data-driven culture and commitment to investing in product, testing and innovation. Our goal is always to provide the best in technology and solutions for our customers to help them drive revenue and ensure consumers are getting the best possible experience, tailored to them.”

Developed by the original architects of’s recommendation technology, RichRelevance enables retailers to deliver dynamic, tailored experiences that place customers at the center of retail strategy. New capabilities include:

  • Expanded multi-variate testing: Retailers can now leverage extended multivariate testing capabilities to continue to optimize different placements, layouts and merchandising strategies with live traffic on their sites. Results are displayed on the RichRecs dashboard to drive immediate action and results.
  • Enhanced site analytics: New site analytics offer the industry’s deepest analysis of recommendation performance by enabling retailers to filter data across granular dimensions such as individual strategies, page types and page areas, as well as channel and category reporting to view KPIs by traffic source (mobile, website, email, social) or parent category levels.
  • RichPromo creative campaign templates: RichPromo, the portion of RichRelevance’s personalization suite that targets promotions and content to specific customers and segments, now offers dozens of custom layouts.  This new array of templates makes it easier and speedier to build effective campaigns for targeted promotions and scale marketing resources, while automatically optimizing for the content that performs best with shoppers.

In conjunction with the enhancements, RichRelevance also announced the appointment of Jake Bailey as Vice President of Product Marketing and Solutions. Bailey, who joined RichRelevance from in 2009, has been instrumental in defining and developing RichRelevance’s Shopping Media solution, which now helps more than 50 world-class brands, including Colgate, 3M, P&G, AT&T, Verizon, Toyota and Cisco, to engage shoppers on the world’s largest retail sites with custom content while they are researching and purchasing products. In this new role, Bailey is responsible for setting the strategic vision for all RichRelevance products and services and driving product and technology innovations for retail and brand partners.

“We are committed to innovating for – and with – our clients,” said Bailey. “As we continue to push the limits on data and personalization, these enhancements keep our customers ahead of their competitors as the holiday shopping season closes in. I’m excited to move forward in my new role and continue to work hand-in-hand with our retail and brand clients to ensure we’re mutually pursuing the best possible technology solutions. We have some incredible products coming in 2013.”

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