PriceMinister – Rakuten appoints RichRelevance to personalise customer experiences customers now receive relevant, meaningful product recommendations when they shop online, with a resulting 2% increase in conversion rate

Paris, France — 12th June 2013 — RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic e-commerce personalisation for the world’s largest retailers, today announced it has integrated its personalisation and analytics technology online at

To develop a more customer-centric user experience online, PriceMinister – Rakuten is using RichRelevance to deliver personalised product recommendations to shoppers as they browse the site. Recommendations are based on shopping patterns such as best-selling products or items customers also viewed or bought, which adjust in real-time. This ensures that each customer is presented with products that are highly relevant and meaningful. is recognised as one of France’s most successful retailers, offering over 200 million products to its customers, including an extensive range of books, consumer electronics, household goods and clothing. Since the introduction of RichRelevance in October 2011, the conversion rate from browsing to purchasing has increased by two percent. Further improvement in core KPIs are anticipated as the partnership continues.

PriceMinister – Rakuten has also chosen to integrate personalised recommendations into their email campaigns, driving a significant increase in cross-sell activity within the confirmation email programmes.

“We wanted to team up with a technology partner who demonstrated previous success working with other large retailers, both in and outside of France,” said Olivier Mathiot, Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Communications at PriceMinister- Rakuten. “RichRelevance provides an automated solution, which means the teams don’t need to spend hours managing personalisation. The transparency of the tool means that we can also focus on the product categories, which are really important for us. It also frees up staff time to focus on other customer experience projects.”

“French retailers are increasingly recognising that personalisation should be a business priority,” said Darren Hitchcock, VP of the UK and European Region, RichRelevance. “Consumers in France have more choice when shopping than ever before, and personalisation is central to enhancing the customer experience. We are delighted to be working with PriceMinister to help them implement their personalisation strategy.”

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RichRelevance is the global leader in personalization for the world’s largest retailers and brands. More than 160 international companies use RichRelevance to turn data into actionable insight, which delivers the most relevant experience for consumers as they shop across web, store and mobile. RichRelevance drives more than one billion decisions every day, and has delivered over $8 billion in attributable sales to its clients, which include Walmart, Marks & Spencer and Cdiscount. RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco and serves clients in 40 countries from 9 offices around the globe. For more information, please visit


Created by Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, Pierre Krings, Justin Ziegler and Olivier Mathiot, PriceMinister is the European leader of l’Achat-Vente Garanti (Buying and Selling Guaranteed) on the internet. was launched in January 2001, and includes business lines in automobiles (, travel ( and e-marketing.

As of April 2013, PriceMinister’s 17 million members had put nearly 200 million products on the site. In June 2010, PriceMinister partnered with the Japanese group Rakuten, a major player in the eCommerce market, and developed an intermediary sales platform for broadband and mobile users, intended for professional vendors. This platform includes the same gallery as SuperBoutiques and Super Point’s loyalty program.

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