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RichRelevance's David Selinger: Why I support start ups focused on a better world

David SelingerWith all of the attention being paid to Occupy Wall Street and the ills of big business, it’s heartening to shine a little light on two new start up’s who are working hard to make the world a better place.

I recently joined the advisory board of these companies—teams of folks with a big vision, unwaveringly commitment to tackling huge problems and these visions are seeing success.

The first is blissmo, founded and led by Sundeep Ahuja (one of my Stanford classmates and a co-founder here at {rr}). blissmo creates consumer products which bring sustainability to a broad audience. They are leveraging social media and new sales methodologies being pioneered by Groupon, Woot! and BirchBox to reduce the complexity of choosing products that are good for you, your family and your world. Already blissmo’s revenue model is working and they are clearly hitting a sweet spot in terms of emerging demand: the right products, the right discovery and the right price. We’re even a customer at {rr}—as soon as we started testing in one of our offices it was such a hit that the other offices immediately asked to participate. Check them out at

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