Q&A with Envirosell CEO Paco Underhill and RichRelevance CEO Dave Selinger on the Future of Shopping

Paco Underhill, retail expert and author, reveals the influences behind purchasing decisions and RichRelevance CEO David Selinger explains how his technology for retailers is staying relevant with the emergence of mobile, local and social.

Q: You’re the author of the global bestselling book ‘Why We Buy’. How did you become an expert in the psychology and science of shopping?
Envirosell, the firm I founded, is the principal testing agency for prototype stores and bank branches in the world. We have studied shopping and circulation patterns for more than 25 years.

Q: In your research what three things most often influence a purchasing decision?
First is the perception of value: is what I am considering worth the amount of money I am being asked to spend? Second, how does what I am buying fit into both the needs I have, or anticipated impact I am looking for? And third, is the experience of shopping one that complements both the goods I am considering, and my concept of self?

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