RichRelevance Chief Scientist to present at the Big Data World Congress on machine-generated data and big data in the cloud

Darren Vengroff to address Congress on deriving value from machine-generated data and to participate in a panel session on why the cloud is vital to big data

Reading, UK – 24 June 2013 – RichRelevance®, the leading provider of dynamic personalisation for the world’s largest retailers and brands, today announced that Chief Scientist Darren Vengroff has been invited to speak at the Big Data World Congress (26 – 27 June 2013, London) on unlocking the value of machine-generated data, and to participate in a panel session on the potential for cloud-based analytics.

The Congress has invited Vengroff to address the delegation on how companies can best collect, analyse and manage machine-generated data. Using real-world examples from retail, Vengroff will discuss how RichRelevance unlocks the power of machine-generated data and turns big data into smart data using a platform built on open-source tools and a culture of experimentation and constant improvement. Offering practical advice to delegates, he will outline how attendees should approach data and data-driven culture, and how best to implement Hadoop and related open-source tools for maximum business impact.

To help Congress attendees understand why the cloud is a vital building block of big data processing and analytics, Vengroff will join experts from Lloyds Banking Group, Cloudant and D2C for a panel discussion to explore the need for highly scalable cloud deployments. The panel will cover areas such as; overcoming networking, storage and architectural challenges, ensuring that cloud storage performs to the level required for big data, and why cloud environments need to be capable of expanding on demand to respond to business requirements.

“Our brand and retail customers are keenly aware that the data they collect can and should work harder to deliver business impact in areas like better customer insight,” said Vengroff. “Machine-generated data in particular offers a burgeoning but untapped data source that, once combined with historical data through analytics and cloud-based processing, holds potential in helping companies react in near real-time to customer needs and business challenges.”

Vengroff’s speakership, “Turning machine-generated big data into real-time insights”, will take place on 26 June from 16:00 – 16:20 and he will join the panel titled, “Data in the cloud: the building blocks for truly ‘big’ data” on 27 June from 14:30 – 15:00.

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RichRelevance is the global leader in personalization for the world’s largest retailers and brands. More than 160 international companies use RichRelevance to turn data into actionable insight, which delivers the most relevant experience for consumers as they shop across web, store and mobile.  RichRelevance drives more than one billion decisions every day, and has delivered over $8 billion in attributable sales to its clients, which include Walmart, Marks & Spencer and Cdiscount. RichRelevance is headquartered in San Francisco and serves clients in 40 countries from 9 offices around the globe.  For more information, please visit


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