Invaluable Partners With RichRelevance to Leverage The Power of Personalization

Personalization solution enables Invaluable to deliver a more relevant, meaningful site experience

San Francisco, CA – August 26, 2014 — RichRelevance®, the global leader in omnichannel personalization, today announced that Invaluable, the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques and collectibles, has partnered with RichRelevance to deliver a highly authentic and customized site experience. Now, using RichRelevance, Invaluable is tapping into real-time data to present visitor-specific recommendations and content that drives engagement and boosts sales by helping site visitors find items they are most interested in —quickly and easily—as they interact with auctions on the Invaluable platform.

To better serve its customers and visitors, Invaluable now leverages RichRelevance’s RichRecs solution to deliver tailored auction recommendations to bidders looking for specific items or types of auctions on the Invaluable platform. The company also plans to launch RichPromo, which will draw on data to present the most meaningful and relevant auctions for visitors when they go to Finally, Invaluable will launch RichRecs+Email to help optimize their email marketing campaigns and drive increased traffic to relevant auctions.

“Invaluable has a very unique value proposition and model which relies heavily on visitor participation and engagement,” said Eduardo Sanchez, President of RichRelevance. “Being able to deliver a personalized experience for every bidder who visits the Invaluable platform will be a huge asset, and we believe that by leveraging technology and data, we can elevate bidder participation and engagement with thousands of auctions held on the Invaluable platform. We are very excited to partner with the company to create a more customized experience for their users and help increase the performance of their site.”

RichRelevance currently ranks #1 for personalization in both the US and EMEA based on its proven, real-time infrastructure and award-winning product suite (San Francisco Business Times Tech & Innovation Award, May 2014). With 11 data centers worldwide, RichRelevance operates the 7th largest Hadoop instance in the world, handling 2/3 of the requests-per-second of Twitter with 100% uptime.

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