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Personalization solution by RichRelevance enables a more relevant, meaningful customer experience for online shoppers

Munich – 8 January 2015- As the sales portal of momox GmbH, offers the widest selection of Germany’s used and quality-tested books and media, with approximately 4 million products in its online shop. In order to offer customers a positive shopping experience with relevant product offerings, momox is now relying on solutions by RichRelevance, the leading provider of omnichannel personalization.

“In the past, our site was identical for every costumer by default, but of course that is not state of the art anymore,” said Marc Schumacher, CMO of momox. “Many buyers used the online shop for targeted purchases, but rarely browsed the full range of goods or grew inspired to make additional purchases.” To encourage a more memorable and fun shopping experience online, Schumacher’s team decided to deploy personalization solutions by RichRelevance not only on the website, but also on their email campaigns.

RichRelevance’s personalization engine collects, analyzes and evaluates online shoppers’ click history in real time in order to deliver contextually relevant product recommendations. To achieve this, over 125 algorithms compare the interests of the shopper to those of other shoppers, accounting for any changes in user behavior in real time and adjusting recommendations accordingly. The SaaS-based personalization engine was developed exclusively for ecommerce retailers by RichRelevance. In addition, leverages the same technology behind its online recommendations to deliver personalized emails, which can be set up to prioritize and fine-tune recommendations based on specific product categories, brands or prices.

“RichRelevance works with the most innovative retail leaders around the world,” said Schumacher. “It was important for us to be able to adjust the solution to our needs and requirements. RichRelevance offered what we were looking for – at the best price-performance ratio. With this solution we can offer our customers used products in a way that makes them as exciting as new stock.”

Theo Khoja, Regional Director of RichRelevance in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, commented: “We are pleased to support the medimops team with personalized search results and thus increase their acquisition and conversion rates. Competition with market giants like Amazon or Alibaba makes differentiators like personalization especially critical for small and medium-sized companies. Our solutions help to retailers survive and thrive in this environment so that they can expand their market position.”

About momox

momox ( is Germany’s largest recommence company with sales in the high double-digit millions and over 750 employees in Berlin, Brandenburg and Saxony. momox buys and sells used goods, ranging from books and CDs over electronic devices and fashion. Users with spare goods can sell these for a fixed price on the platform momox handles the logistics of the selling process either via third parties Amazon and eBay or via their own platforms medimops (for media) or ubup (for fashion).

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