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Relevance Cloud & Build innovation services lets Lancôme personalize the digital customer experience based on skin tone, preferences and expert pairings

New York, N.Y., March 2, 2015 – Lancôme, the world’s largest beauty brand, has partnered with RichRelevance, the global leader in omnichannel personalization, to deliver a breakthrough in online beauty – a complete, personalized look curated for each shopper based on her individual preferences and Lancôme’s unique expertise.

“Lancôme is committed to constant innovation to exceed our customers’ desires,” said Alessio Rossi, VP, Interactive and E-Business Marketing at Lancôme USA. “RichRelevance allows us to instantly combine consumer signals with expert advice on what is most flattering to individual skin tones – and show a complete, personalized look. The result is that we can now offer the same level of outstanding service and expertise online that we provide shoppers at the counter, and support a seamless customer experience at every Lancôme touchpoint.”

“Recommend a Look”

As consumers select a product on the Lancôme site, they immediately see that product – a lipstick or another cosmetic product – applied on a model representative of the consumer’s skin tone. When a shopper adds the product to her cart, she sees the model wearing an expertly curated look that has been personalized for the shopper. The focal point of the look is the product the shopper just added to the cart.

Shoppers can interact with suggested items to change colors and looks – with updates instantly reflected on the model’s face. All product suggestions take into account the shopper’s skin type and individual preferences, as well as current regional trends, product availability and Lancôme’s own expert pairings for a complete and beautiful look.

The groundbreaking experience is powered by the Relevance Cloud from RichRelevance, the most comprehensive personalization solution for retail. Through RichRelevance’s open personalization platform and BuildTM innovation services, RichRelevance’s personalization engine is seamlessly paired with Sight Commerce’s visual commerce and style intelligence solutions to provide each Lancôme consumer with highly personal and professional advice at her fingertips — aiding discovery, awareness and selection. Product suggestions are continually adjusted based on subtle changes in shopping behavior, inventory, pricing, and more for instant access to the products each shopper is most likely to purchase.

“Lancôme has combined the state-of-the-art in personalization and visual merchandising to allow shoppers to see how the best products look together on her – minus the inconvenience of an in-store makeover,” said Eduardo Sanchez, CEO of RichRelevance. “This is the future of shopping: user, products and shopping context seamlessly integrated to deliver an experience that speaks to the Lancôme shopper based on who she is, at a critical point in her shopping journey.”

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