All Campaigns Are Not Created Equal

About 15 years ago, I was working for a little marketing agency creating banners and ads for websites. On average, a client had around 10-12 such banners. The rule of thumb was that if a banner was relevant to about 80% of the audience, we’d build it. A “20% off everything“ for everyone campaign would surely meet this criteria. Building a banner targeted to a handful of shoppers was simply not done, it was unthinkable.

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This post was written by Alex Ciorapciu

ABOUT Alex Ciorapciu
Alex heads RichRelevance's Omnichannel Strategy in EMEA, with ten years of experience as a solution engineer. During his time at Adobe, hybris/SAP and RichRelevance, he has met and partnered with numerous clients in the EMEA region to help them implement best practices for online selling and personalization. Recently, he focuses his attention on helping global retailers innovate and improve their omnichannel sales strategies.
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