Gaining Access to Retail Metrics that Matter

Jake Bailey The lack of quality metrics available continues to stymie the advertising industry’s ability to justify spend. While still important, a “click” and/or “view” just doesn’t get me that excited anymore. In order to keep the momentum behind the shift towards digital media, we need to empower our brand partners with better tools to justify this industry change.

As brands continue to be held to higher standards of advertising ROI, ad budget managers are shifting dollars closer to the consumer. Today, Shopping Media is the most potent media available to influence consumers and drive them towards purchase. Why? Because it enables advertisers to get closer to their most valuable customers, deeper in the purchase funnel.

But maximizing ROI on Shopping Media necessitates the right retail-based ad server, publishers, and retail conversion metrics. Once brands are empowered with these tools, they will be able to 1) define their market, 2) measure campaign effectiveness, and 3) optimize future campaigns with the right research.
To learn how a retail ad server can empower you with the proper measurement tools, and read current use cases of new retail-specific metrics, download our new white paper now!

Visualize This: the Opportunity of Retail Network Data

Oh, Facebook. Everyday, we log in to check out our news feed, update our status, see who posted to our wall or tagged us in incriminating photos from last weekend. Activities that were meaningless to most of us five years ago are now ingrained into our daily lives. And with a speculated run at a $100+ billion dollar IPO, the analytics (and investor) community has experienced a huge surge of interest in network data and how the insights it generates can be decoded into massive amounts of frictionless cash.

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Reflections on the Need for Speed

According to the Aberdeen Group, every eCommerce Manager in the land would gladly take a 7% increase in conversion, an 11% increase in page views and a 16% increase in Customer Satisfaction.* These are metrics that online retailers already spend much time and effort optimising. So imagine how frustrating it can be when a whole team and its efforts are derailed by literally 1 second of additional page load time. That one second can completely reverse the desired metrics above.

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Swapping ROI for LTV: Optimizing the Return of Your Best Customers

Most of us who manage marketing campaigns in ecommerce get caught up in the daily grind of writing ad copy, tweaking creative, and managing ad spend.  If you’re running direct marketing campaigns (search, affiliates, display, comparison shopping, etc.), you’re likely to be highly focused on measuring ROAS, number of new customers, or AOV.

While these tactics are valuable for building a solid customer base, none of them sufficiently address an equally important challenge: managing the customer life-time-value (LTV). Within most marketing channels, ALL customers/orders are created equal, which means you’re paying the same amount to acquire customers–regardless of quality. The best way to approach this problem is to ask a simple question: “which customers are going to keep me in business for years to come, and who’s sucking cash from my bottom line?” In other words, what’s a given customer’s true lifetime value, and how is s/he driving the future of my company? In this case, it’s more than likely that the 80/20 rule applies to most companies.

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