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Retailers and Brands: Frenemies? BFFs? Who cares! The Consumer Comes Out On Top!

When it comes to collaboration between retailers and brands, uneasy tension has been the status quo.  For example, the fight for shelf space between retailer’s private-label brands and CPG branded products brings out such thoughts as “co-opetition.”

But according to a recent article in Variety, an unprecedented level of deal-making with Hollywood studios has swept up not just e-tailers like,, but also traditional retailers like Target, Walmart and Toys R Us “in the battle to nail down exclusive product pacts.”

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Choose Your Own 2D Marketing Adventure: 7 Quick Tips for QR Codes

Just like the popular children’s gamebook series from the 1980’s “Choose Your Own Adventure,” the world of QR marketing offers many paths to choose from, and is fraught with both landmines and opportunities.  As a follow up to my recent post on QR codes, I put forth seven quick tips for you to consider, as you embark on your own 2D marketing adventure!

1. Don’t settle for a gimmick. If it’s viral but doesn’t help your bottom line, you probably didn’t align your program with the right business objectives.

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Why You Need a Virtual Goods Strategy Today

The virtual goods market is expected to exceed $2 billion this year.  Are you ready to make the most of this hot e-commerce trend?  We spoke with Suchit Dash, Co-Founder and VP, Product at Ifeelgoods to get his perspective.

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