Consumer Electronics

This leading French retailer was looking to create impacting personalized experiences at every customer interaction across multiple sales channels. However with a large and complex product portfolio, the company needed an automated solution to exceed their customers’ experience.


Personalization Summit: Shop Direct

Paul Hornby, Head of eCommerce at Shop Direct Group, speaks at CAS EMEA 2016


Homebase sought to optimize its website experience for customers—taking stock updates, trends or personalization into account—while gaining visibility on impact for any implemented initiatives. They also sought to change the manual process for updating related items on its product pages.



Clarisonic wanted to maximize revenue per session by optimizing home page content tiles for different customer segments.


High Street Retailer

Through utilizing a mobile POS solution in-store, sales assistants were provided with the ability to personalize the experience for shoppers, leading to an 133% increase in basket size for one high street retailer.



Marks & Spencer sought to complement its Magic & Sparkle Christmas advertising campaign with an enhanced gift finder tool that could save its trading team from time-intensive manual merchandising, while speeding and optimizing personalized product discovery.

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